in The quietus

“….Energy Flashback is a document of youth, from early teenage experience in the 80s through to should-know-better adulthood in the 00s. It is a confession of the rave generation. A snapshot of key moments of joy, anxiety, trouble, love, and beats. It sounds completely natural, but when you stop to consider what is really happening, the prospect of a Glen Campbell-type melody, propped up by wobbly polysynth being ravaged by stop-start Amen breaks is almost perverse (find this on ‘They Wanna Fight We Wanna Dance’). Yet it’s great. There are crowd noise field recordings, dub delays, references to 909s and 303s, and particular sound systems. It’s almost like reading a book, but the font is Hall’s voice. The purest and most delicate English voice you could imagine. Her voice has an abundance of high frequency breath noise that envelopes the notes and somehow implies conspiratorial intimacy….”

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