Lavender Hex

The Lavender Hex album has landed. A collaboration with my dear friend Arndt in Berlin. Making music and sending it to friends and heroes to add words and sounds. It’s been so much fun to make. Listen/buy here:








Jumping in the van and playing with Mwstard!


Also playing a solo set at the first few,  joined on drums by the one and only Susanne Lambert.

Friday 20th April, DIY Space for London FBinfo

Saturday 21st April, Cowley Club, Brighton FBinfo

Weds 25th April, Pilgrims Pit, Stoke on Trent FBinfo

Thurs 26th April, Rammel Club @ JT Soar, Nottingham FBinfo

Friday 27th April, 1 in 12 club, Bradford. Part of the 30th anniversary of the 1 in 12 FBinfo

Saturday 28th April, all all-dayer in Conwy FBinfo