Lianne Hall is a Berlin-based musician, from the UK. While her sound may be largely country-esque and folk-inspired, her soul is built on a punk rock foundation.

Lianne, described by the late John Peel as “One of the great English voices,” used to be in the legendary all-female punk band Witchknot. Since then she has played solo and as Pico, Broken Heart Club and Haunted House. Lianne has also collaborated with lots of different artists including d_rradio (deathrowradio), Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), FITH and DJ Marcelle.

In March 2017 Lianne released her third solo studio album, ‘The Caretaker’ which was recorded live and direct to analogue tape in the summer of 2015 in Berlin at Lowswing studios. Featuring Alexander Paulick from the band Kreidler and members of the legendary Kante from Hamburg.

2018 Lianne will be on the road with Mwstard and will release an album with Lavender Hex in Berlin.