Lianne Hall is a Berlin based singer, writer and producer from the UK.
Adventures along the way include touring the squats of Europe with UK
feminist punk band Witchknot in the 90s and receiving an excellent
grounding in DIY creativity and community. In 1999, while living in a bus in
Bradford UK, she appeared on a TV show with legendary radio DJ John Peel
who went on to champion her work in four Peel sessions and called her
“one of the great English voices”. In the 00s, in Brighton UK, she landed a
cleaning job in the house of Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll and soon traded the
hoover for a microphone, writing electronic pop music with Paul and even
singing a duet with The Cure’s Robert Smith. Then, from Brighton to Berlin
and making the 2017 album ‘The Caretaker’. This work is celebrated by
audiophiles around the globe, recorded live, direct to tape at Lowswing
Tonstudio in Berlin. She is currently releasing a new solo album, and producing
the third installment of Lavender Hex; a queer, experimental, punk
collaboration project of many voices.