telephone in a foreign city

Filmed on location in Lewes and Berlin by Kitty Wallace and starring a host of good friends, here finally is the video for ‘telephone in a foreign city’


escape from the island

Lianne Hall will be making sound wird so klingen

Liisa Tervinen will be making images move werden, um Bilder bewegen &

Nicola Hardy will be displaying debris collected from Friendship Island Anzeige erscheint Trümmer Freundschaftsinsel gesammelt

Opening party Vernissage

Friday Freitag 26 November, 19:00

Performance by Lianne at 21:00

Exhibition continues Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 November 12:00 – 18:00

Ausstellung weiter Samstag, 27. und Sonntag, 28. November 12:00 – 18:00

Closing party Finisage

Sunday 28 November, 17:00

All welcome. Drinks and amazing merchandise available!
Alle sind willkommen. Getränke und tolle Ware zur Verfügung!

It’s a UK/Finnish/Australian thing Es ist ein UK / Finnisch / Australian Sache

Kunstlerhaus Vorwerkstift

Vorwerkstr. 21 (it’s just off Marktstr.) (es ist nur aus Marktstr.) 20357 Hamburg Germany

out now!

the new album is available here as a download and on beautiful white vinyl. It’s in the shops too, in all good Brighton record shops and Sister Ray and Rough Trade in London. Mark Cunliffe is also featuring it on his show on Dandelion Radio this month.

Some lovely reviews too:


Lianne Hall can boast an impressive list of accomplishments: running the Brighton venue West Hill Hall, recording with Paul Hartnoll (of Orbital fame) for his new solo album, plus the recording of a duet with The Cure’s Robert Smith. After listening to this album she can definitely go ahead and proudly add ‘Crossing Wires’ to her list.

What’s more, she had the John Peel seal of approval when he described her as “one of the great English voices”. At the risk of understating all of these achievements, they all add up to make a CV that ain’t too shabby.

Hall’s first album in 4 years combines an interesting balance of accoustica, electronica and even a bit of trombone. If this doesn’t intrigue you then you and I, my friend, are on two very different musical pages.

Continuing her list of accomplishments, Hall can add: knocking folk into the 21st century with a charming effortlessness whilst retaining the integrity of the genre. She has done this almost single-handedly; playing and recording most of ‘Crossing Wires’ herself – she’s even releasing the album on her own label: Malinki Records.

The sincerity in Hall’s lyrics remains constant; this sincerity ties the album together and makes it feel personal. Put across with a voice to rival Joni Mitchell, it’s hard to ignore Hall’s discernible talent.

In case you haven’t picked up on it, I’d like to make this clear: I love it.

By Emily Anderton



When the late great John Peel has described someone as “One of the great English Voices” you have to presume it’s something special. Can you imagine the heart & riot grrrl soul of Kimya Dawson with a stunning, heart wrenching singing voice & astonishing originality? Don’t even try. Just click the link at the bottom of this review & buy the record. Read more…


Lianne Hall is someone who I feel immensely embarrassed about. How could I not have come across her before? John Peel was a huge fan and she performed a ton of sessions for his Radio 1 show with Pico. Lianne is one of those artists who makes TOW feel very good about what we do. She should by rights, be huge! But as with all women who make music like Lianne, outside of the manstream, outside of a particular marketing box, they will forever be outsiders. However, with the ground swell of bloggers and websites supporting not only women artists but all the great specialist music makers out there – there is hope! With the demise of any radio (Save 6 Music!) or TV platforms for them we just have to hope for the best. The interent will prevail! Right, rant over. Lianne has a fantastic voice (Brighton’s own Nina Nastasia at times, and described by Peel as ‘one of the great English voices’) and writes frankly awesome tunes. Her new album Crossing Wires is out on Malinki Records soon – BUY IT.



I like this record. I think she has a great collection of songs with a voice so strong and true. She recorded/played most of this album herself and has released it on her own label. The name of the album comes from how many wires she had to cross while recording it. Class! The songs are extra brilliant when she sings, I almost hear violins. My favourite songs so far are the second song “Telephone in a Foreign City” which discusses the ethics of squatting, and the hauntingly brilliant “Cry Wolf”. (not an A-Ha cover….) I don’t know what this songs about though as the lyrics are quite oblique. All-in-all an emotional, heartfelt disc that is served up on the thickest whitest(?) vinyl. Shine a light!!!!


There are many artists ploughing the various folk furrows at the moment, and its definition dilutes with every new emergence. Lianne Hall takes its earthy essence and peppers it with a surprisingly appropriate melange of disparate backings, from crunchy electronica beats and grungy guitars to jazz piano. Her vocal is the consistent standout asset throughout however, once described by the late John Peel as “one of the great English voices”. This is an outstanding piece of work and comes highly recommended.

‘crossing wires’ album launch!

poster by dana krusche

A show at West Hill Hall to celebrate NEW VINYL!

Starting early (7.30pm doors) with two performances, firstly Golden Disko Ship then Lianne Hall, folllowed by a DJ (TBA) and hanging out.
As ever please feel welcome to bring your own beverages.
We’ll be suggesting a token donation of £3 or so to cover costs.

Lianne and the disko ship are also playing at the Betsey Trotwood, Farringdon, London on June 10th…


golden diskó ship is a one girl band.

A mix of an original and personable guitar style, found objects, toy
instruments, computer beats & sounds and layered vocals with selfmade
video projections, drawing you into a unique, beautiful and immersive
world of music and song.
Also celebrating a lovely new record!!
check out


Described by John Peel as “one of the great English voices”, DIY heroine Lianne Hall releases her first album in four years, Crossing Wires, on 31st May 2010. Available on solid(white) vinyl and ethereal download, Crossing Wires is DIY in the truest sense; she played and recorded most of it herself, and it’s coming out on her own label, Malinki.
“The name partly comes from being overwhelmed by the number of wires I was using to record it” she says, while the track Telephone in a Foreign City speaks of the ethics of squatting: “crossing wires is not stealing/ find the nearest empty building.”
She did have a little help with the recording and mixing from her friend Simon Janes, the man behind Mary Hampton’s critically acclaimed debut My Mother’s Children. A number of musicians made contributions, including Mark Bassey’s irresistible trombone part on Fire on Tyre Beach. The album’s deeply-hued artwork is by Dana Krusche, the Berlin-based graphic artist who has created most of the images for Ladyfest Europe.

Lianne started writing songs as a teenager, and joined her first band, Witchknot, when she became involved with the riot grrrl movement in ’93. She lived in a bus for five years, making acoustic folk pop with Bela Emerson under the name Hiphuggers and electronica as Pico with bedroom producer Andy Wills. Whilst living there she met her hero John Peel when he was filming his channel 4 programme Sounds of the Suburbs, and since that meeting she recorded five Peel sessions with a variety of line-ups. In 2000 she left her bus and moved Pico to Brighton, where she formed The Broken Heart Club with Matt Eaton, Alice Eldridge and Susanne Lambert. Local Kid Records put out Abandon Ship, Lianne’s first full length album in ‘06, and around this time she met Paul Hartnoll and co-wrote a song on his solo album, The Ideal Condition. They went on tour together and have been collaborating ever since. Lianne has also been working with Newcastle’s d_rradio on Making Spaces, a CD album out now on Sentence Records.